Media Appearances

Into the Harvest Podcast

Naturopathic Times interview

AHO Radio – Integrative Med for Veterans

AANMC Webinar – Primary Care Naturopathic Doctors – What Do They Do?

Upcoming: Stay Tuned for updates @dr.trainor on Instagram!
-Dr. Michael Moeller YouTube – early 2023.
-Dr. Erin Kinney – Jan 2023.

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To order supplements that Dr. Trainor approves of and trusts:

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DNA Health:
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Order supplements through my Fullscript store.

Integrative Peptides:
TA1, TB Frag Max, KPV, CerebroPep are available in office through Dr. Trainor!

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Dr. Andrew Keating

Hormone Therapy:
Optimize U Chula Vista:
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*Available for consults Every Tuesday & Thursday; lab draws Mon-Fri.

Dr. Deb on Coronado is excellent, and offers military & family discounts!

Healthtopia Clinics:
Dr. Kendra Etzel ND – may take your insurance to continue Naturopathic care, with a focus on women’s health!